Cancer Drugs Can Stop Sale On Fraud Site

Cancer? Oh, they cured that ages ago. It’s a super easy matter of nothing more than a little green pill. Pop one and the cancer’s gone forever and ever. Obviously the pharmaceutical company in question couldn’t let rip with that particular development in healthcare. It would have been financial suicide. Rather than providing years and years of costly care it would be over and done with after just one tiny tablet. How unfair.

So rather than rolling it out for the masses they’ve been researching add-ons. Forget the public outcry that will roll in once people figure out precisely how many lives might have been saved by earlier release. The learned science men have been getting up to all sorts in the name of making their masters an extra bob or two. It’s like a story straight out of the capitalist fairy tale handbook.

The first batch of cancer curing pills weren’t the flashiest ones in existence. However, they definitely had contention for my favourite add-ons because they made porridge. Really well. They got the blend of dried fruit just right. But it wasn’t the very best flier with the extremely well balanced focus groups. So more things had to be added to the basic blend. One of them could remember appointments added to your calendar so that you’d never find yourself getting double booked again.

The very latest one is an absolute whizz when it comes to computers. The researchers noticed how the recently cured patients were becoming remarkably reckless with their new lease on life. They would allow people to get ahold of their bank details and become incredibly vulnerable to cyber attack. Which the cancer medication is now able to counteract entirely so now there’s no need to worry. Or have cancer in the first place. Ask your doctor if this very expensive pill is right for you.


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