100,000 Say No to Multi-Buy Deals

Let’s be clear. Completely transparent honesty is the only way to fly in this particular scenario. And in life in general. It’s almost for sure never managed to screw absolutely anything up before. If you’re under some sort of false impression that something bad has happened because of it previously then you’ve simply been doing it all wrong. However, we really don’t have time right now for a debate, no matter how lively and spirited it might become.

Really though, in this day and age one hundred thousand people just isn’t that many. That many and more will slavishly retweet something vaguely witty in double quick time just because it was originally posted by a celebrity. A hundred thousand people will flock to the latest trend or cause merely for the sake of being able to say they were in the initial wave.

There are seven billion folk on the face of the planet. So a hundred grand’s worth of humanity isn’t exactly an overwhelming percentage. It’s the smallest large number of people required to be involved in order to engender interest in a random story. You want to throw a hissy fit and try to secede from the US? Get a hundred thousand signatures. If your dearest wish is to try and launch yourself into space then you’ll need one hundred thousand people to support you before anyone else will take you seriously.

The latest thing is multi-buy deals. While everyone everywhere appreciates a bargain, there are those who have become disgruntled by the amount of impulse purchases they claim they’re being forced to make. Because free will really doesn’t enter into things once buy one get one half price gets involved in proceedings. What they want is for these offers to disappear entirely apart from on the items they were planning to buy anyway. Ingenious.


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