Criminals Hunting Jobs Can Run NHS

When you’re between jobs it can be really difficult. While it’s of paramount importance to devote all your energies towards finding a new position they might not be all that forthcoming. How on earth do you make the most of that downtime? A helpful endeavour is to try and garner some extra experience on the side. Some achieve this through voluntary work or by pursuing further education. I know, saps.

It makes sense though to try and bolster whatever might end up on your CV but it’s not always obvious quite which might be the very best route to go down. But where there’s a will there’s a way and the government have fiendishly found a way to exploit the situation for their own gain. They’ve realised that prisoners are, quite often and generally by necessity, in between jobs.

It also tends to be the case that prison is a great chance to observe people. The multifaceted and wide reaching surveillance network employed by the government can be quickly and simply harnessed to keep a very close eye on those closeted behind bars. Then forms, oh the glorious forms, can be filled out, assessments completed and data analysed. This will determine who among the incarcerated population would be best suited to whichever busywork the government has going.

In particular, they could rather do with people to run the NHS. Beaten down folk who have no better options and so cannot fight too hard for things like reasonable pay or sanitary working conditions. You can bully them in order to impress upon them the fact that they’ve broken society’s trust and this is the quickest easiest way to get themselves back on top. The next step is to get them in charge of schools, commerce and, interestingly of all, the penal system.


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