Rivals Unite to Force Working Families Out of Council Homes

You know those days when you’re feeling really stereotypically evil? You’ve simply got so very much bile that you can’t quite hold it in any more so something absolutely has to give and you find yourself needing to vent. And every now and then when you’re struck full in the spleen by this particular mood you realise that you don’t actually wield sufficient power to get what you’ve settled on accomplishing done.

So what you end up doing is turning to your darkest enemy. Being such a person will naturally cause them to be a right old cad. After all, how could anyone who’d dare to set themselves up as a force opposing you be even remotely good? Between the two of you (or more if you’re an especially fractious type and have managed to make multiple enemies) you should have more than enough influence in order to do something terribly rotten indeed.

Not that I’m making suggestions or anything (as such advice would make me downright complicit in the havoc you’re wreaking and we really can’t be having that. No matter how much I might want to. Or otherwise. I’m definitely good, I promise) but one thing you could decide to do is to force salt of the earth hard working families out of their beloved council houses. Because why not?

How can this be done? You could club together and buy up said properties, jack up the rents to an unaffordable level and get the scum out that way. Or release a load of rats or radioactive cockroaches or similar in order to make such dwellings uninhabitable hellholes for the sheer pleasure of knowing that this is what you could do. It’s worth remembering that since such types don’t earn enough or have inherited enough to purchase their own houses then they totally deserve everything coming to them and more.


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