GPs Vote to Axe Electoral Roll

Well, they’re sick to their back teeth of being confined to health matters. After all, general practitioners are people too with thoughts and feelings and opinions and all that. And so many of their patients are so very boring indeed. It’s all coughs and colds that they by all rights ought to know will resolve in their own time mixed in with the odd mysterious rash and awkward questions about contraception.

Is it any wonder that they’ve set their sights on getting into something a little bit more interesting. For example, it’s utterly apparent (to them at any rate) that we don’t need an electoral roll. Look at the storm of effluence that’s about to hit the fan Stateside. We can’t afford something like that occurring on our delicate side of the pond.

After all, GPs are privy to the thoughts and feelings of the people. More than that, they’re a representative sample of the nation in their own right. They should be the ones allowed to select the people put in charge of the country. An alternative and much better plan would be to appoint really efficient secretaries so that during their downtime between appointments they can put a few motions and whatnot together. It definitely wouldn’t cause waiting times to get any longer in any way shape or form.

Of course, once they’ve managed to devote their brainpower to the running of the country they’ll have to find another project with which to occupy their time. Perhaps global warming or something to do with eradicating those pesky terrorist chappies. I have no doubt they’ll become the scourge of the infidel and all that. Now can I get a tube of cream or something for this splotchy thing on my back? No, well let’s hope you’re a bit more dedicated when it comes to running the country then.


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