Troops at Risk From Seeds of Alzheimer’s

Biological warfare has made yet another grand leap. Once upon a very long time ago opposing sides required no greater technology than that required to poke one another with sharpened sticks. Then came longer distance combat with the introduction of archery, then artillery and slightly more modern things like guns. After which comes love, marriage and something to do with carriages unless I’ve managed to get my nursery rhymes very confused indeed.

As we’ve developed as a civilisation we’ve managed to devise more and more sophisticated ways of killing each other along the ways. After a while it just gets really rather scary. Back in the day it was blinding enemy ranks with copious amounts of mustard gas. Later down the line scientific geniuses invented nuclear weapons and we eventually got to look forward to the exciting future of succumbing to radiation sickness if we somehow made it through the initial barrage of explosions.

Lately, a lot of attention has been lent to the idea of simply making forces on the other side far too ill to fight back. Strains of flu from a whole menagerie of unsuspecting animals were played with. Someone decided it was a cracking plan to unearth the last strain of smallpox to see if they could cross it with something else to make it that little bit more deadly.

Then something really insidious happens because they began to turn their thoughts to dementia. Why not merely get the people so intent on blowing your friends to bits to forget why they went to war in the first place? You could screw with their cognitive faculties to the point that they’d struggle to remember how to tie their own shoelaces or where it was they lived so that they’d never even go to the bother of engaging with you in battle. Then you could sneak behind them and stick them with the pointy end so you could make super sure there was no threat of retaliation. Military science everyone.


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