Keep On Working Until You Face Council Tax Increase

It’s a complicated, depressing world. Everything costs too much, you’re not experienced enough for the sort of work you want to be doing, life is terrible and you can’t afford anything. And the government wants an ever increasing slice of that precious pie you get to take home after a gruelling month or week of work. Not that I’m trying to depress you or anything. Why would I do anything so twisted and sadistic?

The point is that it’s difficult to contemplate quite how long you’re going to have to carry on working for. The giddy starry eyed graduate soon evaporates once you realise that you’re in this for a really rather long haul. So why not set a completely arbitrary deadline? This will make you feel that much more in command of your working life as well as adding a pleasing gamification element to proceedings.

The only truly inevitable things in life are death and taxes. You can always have a go at sleeping when you’re dead as long as you try not to act too surprised at how soon the reaper comes to claim you. But taxes come more often than once in a lifetime (sadly) so they’re probably a slightly more suitable yardstick to go by. Council tax is basically an extra added punishment for those living in a nice area. Why should they be made to suffer for being superior to the plebs surrounding them (I think residing in Tory heartland might finally have got to me)?

Keep an eye on what you’re being forced to pay for simply living in a house. Once it exceeds a predetermined level that’s when you can jack in the day job because you’re basically one hundred per cent done with society. Disappear off into the woods and become a wild person with tangled hair and a greater level of satisfaction than anyone else you know. You can hold philosophical conversations with the squirrels and live in a mud hut. Oh what fun you’ll have.


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