Seal Greek Borders to Challenge Google Over Tax Loophole

Against the background of corporate greed and a hundred other suddenly public sins it’s probably not all that surprising the lengths people will go to in order to hang on to just a little bit more of their precious moolah. Dodges and shuffles around and the spiriting away of might briefcases of cash to idyllic holiday retreats, you know the sort of thing I’m talking about. You also know in your heart of hearts that the larger the company, the more likely they are to resort to something questionable in this pursuit.

The higher ups at Google were delighted when they realised that this particular scheme just might work out. Executives became even more excited when they figured out that drones were the key to success. Finally, they’d basically be Batman and James Bond and someone even more high tech all rolled into one as the glorious planned played out. Then they could reward themselves with a mega bonus only slightly greater than all the money they’d saved from the scheme.

It went a little something like this. Siphon off small but considerable sums of money from company profits. Bundle up said windfalls into easily concealable packages. Give to drones. Fly drones over the surging mass of immigrants making their own personal play for freedom and a better life. Sit back and wait. The journeying folk will discover the money and surreptitiously pay it back to headquarters as per the subtle suggestions wrapped around the cash.

So it’s a real shame this happened because it’s spoiled the whole migration situation for everyone else. Formerly open arms have been forced to snap shut with a deafening clang. Borders around the world had to be sealed up tight before Google were able to smuggle through so much as another cent. Now they’re having to shamefacedly own up to the naughtiness they’ve been trying to get away with.


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