Interest Rates Plan to Quit

The poor unfortunate souls. Well, things. It’s very hard indeed to be made to live in the spotlight. With every man and his dog passing judgement on whether they’re up or down it’s become altogether far too much to deal with. You can’t breathe or move or sit down for a little bit without people coming up to the pulpit to spout their opinion on the very event that has just occurred.

Am I mean really, what innocent interest rate hasn’t gone out to a party to partake in a little innocuous weed. Yes, they will have absolutely got to a point where they’re off their little metaphorical tits but is it actually anyone else’s business as to how high they might have been. Equally, the events of anyone else’s life may well have taken something of a downturn but the depression of an interest rate is its business and its alone. So those who continue to pry and harp on about low interest rates are doing more harm than good.

The fact of the matter is that they’re done with the job. One hundred per cent past the point where they’re happy to continue coping and soldiering on. They’ve given notice and in all too short a period of time they’ll be out of here. And we’ll just have to manage without knowing whatever it is that interest rates forecast or whatnot.

It will be a very changed world where banks just won’t be able to give us any return whatsoever on our investments. They’ll be very sad indeed about such a lamentable situation but once the interest rates have packed their bags they’ll have no choice but to let us know that their hands are tied. Figures will fluctuate and vacillate wildly with no way for anyone to predict where they’ll go next. Economists are rather excited though. It’s basically their version of Armageddon.


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