Death of the Sexist High Street

Aren’t you simply sick to your back teeth with pointlessly gendered products? I’m sure you’re as keen as I to display your logical reasoning when it comes to making shopping related decisions. You don’t, for example, hanker after a hot pink memory stick or an especially manly shower gel. Or maybe you do and are pleased as punch that manufacturers have picked up on your definite preferences. If this happens to be the case then you’re part of the problem and men in white suits are coming for you now to reprogram your thinking. Stand by.

But don’t you feel so very terrible when you wander into a high street clothing vendor and find the bulk of it dedicated to one gender or the other? How very sickening. Instead think of a utopian existence when you can enter any retailer in your local shopping centre in the full knowledge that you’ll be able to get a hold of functional clothing in a range of non-offensive colours. How much simpler everything will be.

No longer will you have to agonise over such feminine struggles as what make up to put on or scent to wear. You’ll still be allowed to of course but from a non-gender specific range. And should the lads wish to wear skirts then they shall be free to do so without fear of reprisal and whatnot. It shall become a nicer friendlier age where people begin to put their priorities in order without image being the paramount concern.

Of course various magazines will be relegated to historic curios. The paparazzi will melt away into irrelevance and their children shall starve because so few people are interested in what celebrities will be wearing in those days. But at least ladies will no longer be made to pay over odds for shampoo and feminine hygiene products and whatnot.

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