Millions Waiting Longer to Introduce a Sugar Tax

It’s a noble and courageous impulse that should be thoroughly commended. But never actually followed up on. Come on, we’re a busy society rattling through life at a breakneck pace and boy do we really need our sugar. It gives us the energy to keep going at jobs we don’t enjoy for not enough pay and reasons we’ve completely forgotten. It perks us up as a treat delivery system because we’re not adventurous enough to try crack when we’re feeling down.

Of course there are those out there who swear off the evil taint of sugar and demand heaps of praise thanks to such actions. They subsist off wheatgrass and smugness powered by the angelic feeling of being demonstrably better than everyone else. And now they’re on a crusade to get the rest of us to stop guzzling sugar by the kilo because we don’t in fact like the taste of coffee so are compelled to mask it.

Obviously there are manifest benefits to be reaped when it comes to cutting sugar out of your diet. You might be able to stop replacing your teeth with shiny plastic because they’ll start lasting that little bit longer. Your waistline might start to thank you a bit more once you begin to fit into your trousers. Life might also change to resemble a bleak and desolate wasteland devoid of fun and excitement. However, this may also spur you towards that much needed readjustment of your priorities.

So the sugar tax is definitely probably almost maybe coming. At some point way off in the future. Because right now you need your chocolate and you’d rather be damned to a fatty hell for all eternity than to pay one penny more for your well-deserved tasty treats. So there with knobs on. I think you’ll find that there will be absolutely no adverse consequences for this particular line you’ve drawn in the sand.


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