People Smugglers Raid on Middle Classes

It turns out you definitely can put a price on people. That is, if your business happens to be snatching folk from one place and putting them directly under the noses of others who are willing to pay for such a troubling privilege then you might just tend to get something of a feeling regarding what might make for a slightly more popular product.

There are always going to be certain customers with particular preferences and those in the people smuggling profession will do their utmost to ensure that they cater for those tastes as closely as possible. As long as they keep stumping up the cash of course. Should you fail to deliver on your end of the bargain you’re hardly going to be reasonable in your expectations of top quality goods.

Some prefer them ever so slightly younger. You know how adorably squishy babies are. Others prefer a slightly blonder persuasion. Or whatever, I can’t pretend that I’m completely up on the people trafficking situation at the moment. I can get back to you once I’ve had the requisite time to do the proper research.

I’m sure you have some ready formed opinions on this particular topic. You may have a picture in your head on the type of person who’s most likely to find themselves tangled in the clutches of people traffickers. Do they have a strikingly shaky quality? Does their face have a certain hue that we’re not going to explicitly state at this moment in time?

Well, no matter what you might have been thinking before, it’s the middle classes who are being very definitely targeted by aquisitioners. The feistier, more privileged and entitled the better. Those who’ll rebel and fight back so that whoever bought them can feel a glorious satisfaction by emerging from the situation they’ve engineered as the victor. You better watch out, you better not cry. Someone’s coming to town.


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