Secret Shame of the Red-Light Zones

It’s almost definitely probably not what you’re thinking. The conclusion you leapt directly to simply isn’t the direction your thoughts ought to have taken. There’s the obvious shame linked to red-light districts. You’re really not supposed in this day and age to gallivant about town and pay for your sexual encounters. Those are meant to come about because of your social skills and prowess with those of the gender (or genders, whatever) you’re interested on getting into the sack.

If you’re of the persuasion to visit those on a regular basis who are prepared to give it up for money then that’s information that should never be allowed out into the public sphere. It’s something of an illicit shame rather than an out and out secret. People will know about habits like these and won’t spill the beans but there are truths far darker than these that certainly ought never to be allowed to see the light of day.

However, I’ve now gone and spoiled it all by alluding to the fact that there are prostitute related insights that influential people out there are hiding from you. It’s deliciously simple really but I’m not completely sure that you’re ready to believe. I started things off by letting you know that it’s not what you were thinking of so already you’re coming up with increasingly unlikely scenarios.

Maybe top folk are dropping in on ladies of the night just for their company and conversation, perhaps they’re finally being taught how to crochet or what patterns are particularly flattering given their colouring. At the end of the day, a secret doesn’t stay secret once you know what it is so at this point you may well just have to accept that there are things you’re simply not meant to know. And if I let you in on what’s going on that would deny you the pleasure of your imaginings. Do carry on.


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