Pupils Must Know Storms Return

Possibly not just pupils in fact. All and sundry ought to be in the know that large storms are essentially boomerang-like in nature. You might have begun scratching your head and furrowing your brow in puzzlement after that particular statement. I suppose you’re probably not completely up to date on your weather magic so your confusion isn’t a complete surprise. Treat this as something of a crash course and you too can become a fearsome storm mage in five quick and easy sessions for a cut down bargain basement price.

I’m sure you’ll have gathered by now that the very first thing you need to learn at weather magic school (that most sacred of the wizarding academic institutions) is that while it’s perfectly possible to banish storms you have to be prepared for the time when they come back. Think of them as a faithful dog or that bout of herpes turning up at a spectacularly inconvenient time.

But what do you do when the storm returns? It’s perfectly possible that it was really rather pissed off by your actions it banishing it. On its return it may have become angrier, nastier and more prone to destroy dwellings and encourage rivers to burst their banks (something we simply haven’t seen in this country in absolutely ages. Strange really).

Well, the most important thing is to keep calm. If you show the storm weakness or panic then it’s quite likely to steamroller over you entirely. Go for a cup of tea, have a slice of cake and maybe have a crack at getting into that book you’ve been meaning to read for the longest time. Then there are very important tasks for you to tackle such as the washing up, redoing the grouting on the bath, organising your CDs by genre, then how much you like them, the order you’ve listened to them in before realising that the sensible thing to do is to alphabetise. Storm should have blown itself out by then.


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