End of the Line for Tory Donors

The penny has at very long last finally dropped. I’m really not sure entirely why it took everyone quite so long to realise. Perhaps the brains of other people aren’t nearly as developed as mine. Or they were holding on hope for a sparkly new honour of their own. It’s hard to be completely sure. Then again, a certain fire did die in the eyes of many after yet another honours list for the New Year came out and they weren’t on it.

Because when you’re in charge, obviously, you have to be able to exploit your connections in order to give a surreptitious helping hand to your mates. Seriously, what else did you expect to happen? That someone you’ve never met was going to notice your natural niceness or benevolence and hand you a shiny bauble because of how friendly you are?

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not really how the world works (I’m still keeping my fingers firmly crossed that I will eventually win the lottery even though I don’t but tickets for it). So maybe it’s time and past for the Queen to stop handing out relatively empty titles to people just because they can stand the company of those in government for approximately five minutes or longer. It’s just a suggestion, I don’t exactly expect people to pay all that much attention to my extremely sage advice.

But how to select the people singled out for such glory? Twitter poll? Those have never and will never work out remotely badly. Names out of a hat could be a potentially viable option at the end of the day. Or someone could scour the headlines or the internet or the testimonies of the drunk for good hard working people doing their thing who are definitely worthy of note. Industrious bloggers for a random example. Happy New Year!


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