Looters Target Elderly Patients

We all know that as you get older your penchant for the latest gadgets increases. Not to mention your disposable income and energy for shopping related activities. All these factors combine inexorably to make older people the best targets for petty (and ever so slightly less petty) theft as they’ve got the most desirable possessions to nick. It’s incredibly simple logic really. When you don’t think about it too hard and strenuously begin to look the other way.

Anyway, when you get yourself into something of a Battle Royale style free for all with pillaging and such you’re probably not using your thinking cap all that much. And while it would seem that older folk may not be the most lucrative targets they are somewhat more vulnerable. Not to generalise or anything. I know terribly unfair for me to demonise the looter community in this way but there you go.

I do believe that once you’ve managed to wriggle through one or two cat flaps and made your way out with a few wads of carefully folded money and some choice antiques you’re rather likely to continue with such a winning formula. The snag in the plan comes of course when you start crowing about how well it’s all working out for you. Fellow looters are bound to want to get in on a slice of that tasty action.

Forget for a moment or two that such actions aren’t strictly within the bounds of what’s morally or even legally right. Why should other people be allowed to have the things that you want and so clearly deserve? Especially the elderly, they’ve already had plenty of time to enjoy their worldly possessions, it’s their generation and the one they raised that’s made it quite so difficult for the rest of us to get on in life. Take their things, knock them around a little bit and don’t you feel bad for one tiny moment.


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