How To… Find the Time

Well I can’t exactly use the newspaper headlines if they’re going to use as silly an excuse as it being Christmas to not bother with the faff of publishing an issue can I? I might have to put some effort into to this thing for a change in order to work out the day’s topic of interest. But how on earth do I find the time? It would be difficult enough on a normal day what with the full time job and all that energetic lazing around I do with all my precious free hours.

But on a day like Christmas there’s simply so much to do. There’s badgering everyone about what time it might be to open presents, actively avoiding having anything to do with the preparation of all that delicious food (I simply don’t want my lack of cooking prowess to spoil the meal, it has absolutely nothing to do with my emphatic not wanting to actually do anything), unwrapping gifts, mistyping the words gifts as gits and introducing a deliciously Freudian aspect to proceedings. There’s probably more but all the excitements has worn me out and I believe that now is the perfect moment for a lengthy lie down.

I was supposed to be telling you something wasn’t I? How do you make it all stop, how do you find the time to pause and take it all in? You might not be lucky enough to see your family every day, you may even enjoy their company. How do you make the most of it?

As with all the big things in life there’s almost definitely no quick route to an easy answer. Come on, would it feel remotely satisfying if achievement was easily within grasp? I think your best bet is probably cuddles, hugs, embraces and whatnot and plenty of them. And maybe put the camera away every now and then. You might actually live the moment and get more out of it if you’re not viewing the action through a lens. Just a suggestion. And Merry Christmas!


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