NHS Hit By Brussels Bureaucrats

Open your eyes people. It’s terribly painfully obviously what’s going on isn’t it? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it coming for some time now. Perhaps you’re not as fabulously observant and competent as I am. Or you’ve possibly got more concerning things going on in your life right now. Any road up, there are real reasons for you to be very afraid indeed and allow me to spell them out for you right now in glorious technicolour detail.

The fat cats in Brussels have accumulated an astonishing amount of power and it’s well and truly gone to their heads. Rather being sober and considered professionals at the top of the organisational channels they’ve become deranged by the level of control they can wield over the lives of ordinary folk and they now feel the need to increase their spheres of influence to a ridiculous degree.

First they handed down judgements on silly and irrelevant fripperies like oddly suggestive vegetables and stuff we weren’t paying attention to like working hours and something to do with farmers. But now they’ve decided that this wasn’t anything like enough. They became oddly desperate for people to stand up and take notice of what they were doing. I mean really, what’s the point of subtly pulling the strings and forcing people to do what you want if they’re not aware that you’re the big daddy in charge of everything?

So they went after one of our national institutions. They knew that even with all their impressive access they’d never be able to get near the Queen or Stephen Fry so they chose to target the very next best thing. And obviously that’s our national health service. Duh. They hit it hard, fast and in such a devastating fashion it’s hard to know if it will ever be able to recover. They’d better not go after the Beeb next.


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