Home-Schooled Children Let Police Shoot to Kill

There’s a reason we put children through the unfortunate horrors of schooling and it’s not just for sadistic kicks. Probably. I’m not a parent yet and I didn’t exactly have the best time attending such institutions so it’s a definite possibility that I have something of a warped perspective on this particular topic. Seriously though, I do not remotely get what all the fetishes are about. Schoolgirls are vicious and not in a remotely good way.

Anyhow, it turns out that keeping the tiny tots away from academia in all its glory is far more harmful than any level of playground taunting. No matter how much it smarts at the time. Sure, I might be plotting an increasingly intricate and elaborate revenge but who knows how twistedly psychopathic I’d have turned out without regular contact with those little twits? Just imagine how horrible and patronising I’d be. Scary, right?

Whatever, somehow I keep drifting away from my point. I know, it’s terribly frustrating so let’s try and get back to where we were supposed to be in the first place. Because science enjoys having its way with the world a study was commissioned to evaluate the advantages of home-schooling. This was down to various reasons such as the fact that school is terrible, something to do with budgets and freeing up lots of jobs for men by making the women stay in and teach the alphabet (I didn’t say they were well meaning scientists).

Sure, the study’s in its relative infancy but the first generation have made it into the workplace (most of them are about seven but they’ve made use of some very lax workplace regulations). And they’ve found out that those who managed to get into the constabulary were more than happy for the boys (and girls. Monsters they may be but they have an odd respect for gender equality) in blue to shoot to kill and ask questions later.


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