January Sales are Killing Free Speech

Too many people lose sight of what’s really important. The horrific pressure of gift buying is almost entirely far too much for some to be able to cope with. The shops may well be heaving with well meaning potential present purchasers but the coffee houses are even more crammed with those who’ve given up, exhausted by the overwhelming process and have surrendered to the siren call of caffeine.

However, all that stress and panic is increasingly irrelevant in this modern world of ours. You really don’t have to agonise over what to get for the people in your life. It’s pointless to endlessly pick over every last thing you know about their tastes and preferences, hope and dreams and whatnot. You definitely don’t need to go to the trouble of asking them what they’re after. Whatever people want, need or long for should have nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas.

The outlets are going to tell you what to buy. They’ve gone ever so carefully through their inventory to select the most perfectly perfect gifts for you to get. It’s certainly not a cynical analysis of stock where they’ve highlighted whatever stock isn’t shifting in an attempt to flog it cheaply in order to get it sold. So that they can fill the shelves with even more tat. Sorry, did I come out with something disparaging. Of course I meant that they would be making way for more high quality merchandise that will delight and amaze.

Take a moment to pity the poor suckers who think they’re being original. They’ve spent ages crafting a bespoke gift list, having put so much effort and brainpower into it that they could have put towards watching telly or shouting at immigrants. They haven’t just blown into the nearest bazaar of gift wonderment and picked up whatever came to hand. Their recipients might actually enjoy what they’re given. The horror.


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