Care Home Rooms Sell-Off ‘As Dangerous As Terror Threat’

This is how seriously we take real estate in this country. I’m not sure anyone else would really understand. Sure, rampant and greedy profiteering is all the rage just now but this is home ownership, it’s serious. So it’s not exactly melodramatic to say that this latest snag in the housing market is quite definitely as terrible as the threat posed by all those angry men from further away.

Let me give you the run down as I’m sure at this point you’ve started scratching your head in confusion over what I’m saying (trust me, I’m used to it. Even when I’m not just making up random bits and pieces on the fly. Not that I’m doing that right now, this is all definitely completely true and you can have a quick flick through the papers if you don’t believe me).

Someone somewhere had one hell of a brainwave. They decided that they could buy up a load of retirement properties because houses and junk in this country are dirt cheap at the moment (if you disagree with me then you clearly haven’t been looking hard enough). They then proceeded to let them out to dear little old ladies in the sunset years of their life. Margins and profits swam to incredible heights which led the money men to get wind of the scam.

I think you’ll find when this kind of nefariousness becomes readily apparent that people get all kinds of desperate to hang on to ill gotten gains. You get people on the run, really quite certainly not wanting to go to prison. And then things escalate to a brand new kind of ball game. You know the sort, with fire, blood and vengeance and all that. It gets to a point where you start wondering whether or not it’s worth letting them go on their merry way rather than go to the hassle of getting them to face justice.


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