Fresh Calls for Climate Change Sceptics

Isn’t it oh so very boring when absolutely everyone agrees on something? It takes a little bit of magic out of the world when and if everyone comes to the conclusion that a figure like Bigfoot is in fact mythic. The coots and the goofy nutters are the people who keep you on your toes. If you didn’t have folk of that genre to feel superior to then how would you ever be able to get up in the morning?

When you’re faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it takes a certain strength of spirit to wilfully ignore that towering pile of proof. Imagination is an incredible fuel that would leave things especially dull in their wake were it to melt away. Admit it, you get a really satisfying kick out of disagreeing with and proving your point to what basically amount to idiots.

This is even more true when it comes to the really depressing problems. Sure, talking about whether or not creatures like the Loch Ness Monsters actually exist is quite a lot of fun. However, every now and then an issue if a slightly more significant magnitude crops up just when you’re least expecting it. For example, not to be overly melodramatic or anything, the fate of the little floating blue marble that is our planet.

We need a massive influx of climate change deniers and we really do need them right this very minute. They’ll produce bogus theories and hypotheses that no one but the most gullible full would actually believe to be the truth. And then they’ll moan and whine and bitch because no one’s listening to their crackpot ideas. Which is precisely what we need to sway the moods of the rest of the general populace. And then everything will be just swell forevermore. Promise.


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