Trump Faces Backlash Over Thousands of Prisoners

Donald’s media men must be beside themselves with unbridled glee. He’s absolutely everywhere these days. While it’s potentially possible that they might be pulling their hair out (and not merely to emulate the infamous hairstyle) in frustration over the latest clanger he’s come out with, odds are their campaign is going precisely according to plan.

Well it’s hardly as if he was ever going to be elected based on his ingenious political mind and winning way with people. Sure, every egomaniacal little boy dreams of one day becoming president (or so the stories have led me to believe. You know, before they grow up to be serial killers and whatnot) but this particular pouty butterball of self expression has taken things to the next level. And then some.

When you dig down, find a pinch or so of maturity and grow the hell up you realise that outrageous statements you don’t truly believe in aren’t the healthiest way of getting attention. Then again, it’s so very much easier than putting in some hard work or determination. I’m not knocking Trump’s no doubt considerable business empire but he’s got to know that there are one or two things that money or diva-ish behaviour can’t buy.

Home truths like these are what caused Mr Wispy Locks go very dark indeed. Spouting off about immigrants and other religions and whatnot became something of a front for disreputable and nefarious deeds. Prisoners were locked away and set to crafting exquisite toupees. For the sake of sheer irony. When you reach a certain level of wealth you start doing stuff for the sake of shits and giggles rather than anything resembling profitability. Of course such behaviour is about to whip around and bite him firmly on the posterior but that’s life and who knows? It might be the think that finally gets him feeling something, anything, again.


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