Another Six Inches Could Kill

Oh don’t be so horrendously smutty. With a title like that of course we’re going to be delving into the murky world of undercarriages and unmentionables. But you really don’t have to titter in that childish fashion. It might cheapen things if we’re not really spectacularly careful. For once I genuinely think that we ought to have a mature and considered discussion on the very important topic of willies, man danglers and nether regions.

There is something of an obsession with size. Big is better or something along those ridiculous lines. Obviously the equally loud protestors from the opposite camp will shout something or other about it not being about the size of the hammer but the way you swing it. They’re all terribly wrong of course. If you make the best with what you’ve got then you’re probably something of a modern saint. Especially when there are all sorts of enhancements open to the discerning consumer with a wad of cash burning a hole in his back pocket.

Anyway, this is more of a cautionary tale. Sure, humongous fake breasts are all the rage nowadays. No one wants to know if you’re bumbling around with nothing more than your natural knockers. However, that’s fine because it’s silly little women with no self-esteem or anything resembling equal pay. When issues like these start affecting men you know that it’s time and past to be actually concerned about the state of affairs.

Good, honest, hard-working guys have been made to feel ashamed regarding their inadequate todgers. Depending on the existing length, another couple of inches or so isn’t going to do that much damage. But six inches? That’s another kettle of fish entirely (kettles of fish not having anything to do with the prosthetic in question). A man walks out into the world with his brand new downstairs and falls groin first into a pile of snow, can’t get up, dies. So tragic.


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