Betrayal of Sadistic Cult

Cults are bad. Everyone on the outside can see that for a stone cold fact. They make their people do weird and icky things and stump up grotesque portions of their personal property for the privilege. You’ve seen the films and such and they’re basically documentaries. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve not actually witnessed any of these cinematic triumphs but I did watch that Simpsons episode a couple of times so I’m basically a world authority on the topic.

Given our hearty collective knowledge on the matter, we’re all very much aware that the only way a cult falls is if someone on the inside betrays the leader. That person puts themselves as serious risk. Or maybe they’re tired of being fleeced for every last penny and see it as their only option for getting some semblance of a life back.

Who can tell? It’s hardly as if I’ve ever been in a cult. Such a thing would be ridiculous as I tippy tap away on my glorious MacBook Pro and occasionally consult my iPod touch or iPhone (it’s weirdly important to me that you know I didn’t have to pay for that last item and the middle one is at least a couple of years old by now). I absolutely don’t have any insights into what it’s like to follow the words and ideas of a charismatic leader.

But let’s dive headfirst into the specifics. That’s what everyone is practically frothing at the mouth to hear about. What’s the point in dealing in haziness and vaguery when there are incredibly juicy details to minutely examine? I could start with what went down in the cult in question. Or how about that leader and their methods in convincing people to go along with their agenda? We might begin to delve into the interesting back story of the betrayer of the moment. But sadly we’ve run out of time so you’ll have to sit and wonder.


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