Stop Trying to Purge Bullying Scandal Tories

Oh what’s the point in having politicians at all if you don’t get the odd scandal out of it? Sure, that’s pretty much the function of the extended royal family but the Queen dons a fancy hat every now and then in order to open a hospital or something. And sports people and celebrities might behave incredibly badly but they do things like kicking balls and pretending to be other people. Then occasionally they’ll do their actual jobs.

So it’s the politicians we turn to for the proper scandals. Therefore, it’s of the highest importance that we don’t mess too much with the delicate system in place. If you even attempt to subvert the stereotypes then who knows what havoc you might inadvertently wreak? I don’t think it’s melodramatic to say that such an action might rip a whole in the very fabric of our universe.

But someone’s decided that they want to play the game a little differently. They want to get rid of the bullying Tories. It’s patently absurd, they might as well try and eliminate all the righteously indignant left wing types or all the self denying racists on the far right not to mention chucking out the baby with the bathwater (because said infant wasn’t actually born here and has no right to claim our wonderful glorious nationality).

Just stop it. Tories are as they have always been. You have to leave the bullying nut jobs in there so that the others don’t look so bad by comparison. It makes the halfway decent ones seem like white knights in shining armour ready to charge in and save the day. Of course it’s at least half spin and manufactured to get the public to believe whatever but we did choose this system after all. If you’re not happy about it then write to your MP for them to file under minor wibbles to sort out next term in office.


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