1 in 5 Brit Muslims: Stealth Rise in Factory Farming

There are different ways to fight a surging tide of ill opinion. One thing is to attempt to alter the environment. If you surround prejudiced folk with something that goes against what they thought before then it might just throw enough at them for their minds to open. At least this was the thinking of the people behind this particular brainwave of a scheme.

They wanted to do something to increase multiculturalism. And their notion was to do this by tinkering gently simmering soup of population statistics. They took a wide selection of genetic information (see, it was important for them to be taken seriously, they didn’t want to introduce something as indelicate to the process as the word sperm) from a range of British Muslims and stuck it into some incubators.

Then when the progeny were magically introduced into the world (we really don’t have time to go into the finer details of birth and that. There was a lot of gunk involved and it was all just a little yucky). And then they were raised in a sympathetic environment. Books, films, music and teachers paid a surprisingly high wage, all designed to ensure that the kids were brought up Muslim.

This would then mean that when they were introduced into the general populace the quotient of Muslims would go up. And the children raised in that way would be kind, tolerant types who would never cave into something as pedestrian as peer pressure or the persuasiveness of Jihadis. They’ll be a beacon of idealism and wonderfulness for all those around them.

Sure, the fact that they were essentially farmed into being might be an issue to some. They might well have tried to hide what was going on but these truths have a way of getting out into the light. Still, eventually it will become normal and then everything will be brilliant. Yes it will.


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