Britain Prepares for Showdown With Osborne

Things have taken a terribly combative turn of late. I’m really not entirely sure as to why. It’s almost as if people have cracked the weapons out and made people fear for their lives with pretty good reason.  So let’s not fight them, leave them be and find someone else to battle against.

Not the NHS, that was a silly idea. Thanks to my brilliant satire, the rest of the world has managed to see the folly of their ways and will restore the NHS to a state of brilliance and glory. The nurses and doctors will be paid as if they were bankers and the country was afraid of losing their talents. No more threats of striking will ever happen because they’ll know how well valued they are.

Now people have recognised just how they should go after. As in days of old, you don’t go after the figurehead. More often than not, they’re not the ones who are causing the bulk of the problems. All in all, David Cameron’s not really all that bad for an incredibly shiny faced man. No, it’s the evil councillors and folk who hold the reins of power. And that. So we start with George Osborne. Hunt will come later once people have managed to whip up enough fervour.

Osborne is a good place to start. The nerds are coming social media and various halls of the internet for gaffes and mistakes and such. They’ll come up with plenty of ammunition for the coming conflict. The lawyers and technical types are preparing a plethora of clever arguments. Others, of a more brutish bend are simply sharpening their weapons ready to stick the evil dude with the pointy end. When we all band together we’re basically unstoppable. At least by a little man with a distinctly evil grin.

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