World Prepares Grand Alliance Against the NHS

When you’re picking out the supervillain for the rest of the world to set themselves against you had better be careful. Obviously you need to have someone or something against which passions can be stirred and incited. There’s no point in picking out a beige napkin and trying to get everyone out there to hate it, they simply can’t inspire such intensity of feeling.

Equally though, you don’t want someone too tough. What’s the point in getting everyone all depressed by pitting the world against an unstoppable monster? We can sweep such defeats under the rug and hope that no one notices. That’s another reason for setting up a grand alliance against someone else. We can all focus our efforts and attention on that weevil of not completely unbeatable badness.

But why the NHS? I would have thought that would be obvious to such an intelligent person as yourself. Perhaps you’ve already guessed. There are a great many people out there who just aren’t big fans of the concept of healthcare free at the point of delivery. Because of capitalism or some plot or something. People really definitely hate it though. A lot.

I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to wait for a doctor to become available rather than wait to die because you can’t afford for the doctor to see you now. Or something. One of these days I’ll start paying attention to the no doubt incredibly eloquent and reasonable arguments they put forward.

Now that the junior doctors are revolting and the corridors are teaming with superbugs that’ll have your leg off as soon as look at you it’s the perfect time to decide that the National Health Service is the world’s nemesis. They’re the worst and we should do everything in our power to battle against them.


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