How To… Dream a Little Nightmare

Well of course it hasn’t all just evaporated away overnight. It takes a little longer than that for the media to reset to the baseline of waiting with bated breath for Corbyn’s next slip up or other unimportant minutiae of day to day life in this country. It’s all about the Queen’s latest hat, whatever the boys in government have got up to lately and whether or not it’s raining outside and how annoyed we ought to be about it.

But all that’s put to one side for now. We can shut our eyes and hear the screams of panic and terror as the fanatic murderers close in. Of course the information of paramount importance is how the latest massacre has directly affected we merry men and women of Britain. Who’s worried about the wounded and grieving nation of France when the massacre means that we’re sufficiently afraid for our own safety that we’ve got the SAS roaming the streets?

And then there’s the fact that they snuck in under cover of the refugee migration. It’s hardly going to help anyone truly fleeing from horrors at home in the hope of a better life. Of course people are going to exploit such events for their own gain when they’re planning atrocities. But they never think about the consequences it might have for others. So inconsiderate.

We shut our eyes and try to sleep to block out what we’ve heard and seen. A few sleeps and we can put the mess behind us. And that is how we come to dream a little nightmare. It’s inevitable, you really don’t need me to tell you how to do it because you’ll be able to do it perfectly well without me. You drift off into unconsciousness and the scenes from the news pop up once again to remind us about the evils that happened not so long ago.


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