Hunt Digs in Over Chocolate

When you get used to free perks, it can be rather difficult if they get taken away. You might become somewhat irritable and even unreasonable. It can cause you to lash out and reap unintended consequences just because you became ever so cranky thanks to the course of events. This is one of the reasons why we’re encouraged to count to ten when we’re angry before reacting to something. However, some situations are just too dire for this to have any effect whatsoever.

In important meetings, Jeremy Hunt was used to having selection boxes of chocolate on hand. Nothing too fancy mind, not when they were purchased with taxpayer money. When you think about their purpose, they were essentially medicinal. If you’re in the middle of an intense discussion on doctor’s pay or the future of the NHS you may well feel in the need of a sugar boost. They were serving a very important purpose.

There wasn’t even a very good reason for them to be taken away. It was a pesky journalist who’d got wind of the boxes of Celebrations (I know, not even the good stuff like Cadburys. They ought to have been thoroughly ashamed of themselves). They’d been in touch with a cartoonist friends and were threatening to go to print with the embarrassing results. Clearly they had to be hushed up and the chocolates done away with.

But Hunt wasn’t taking any of this nonsense lying down. If he couldn’t have his treats reinstated then he was going to make things extremely uncomfortable for everyone involved. Misery really does love company and it’s the reason that we can’t have nice things anymore. Where else do you think all this fuss about junior doctors’ pay has come from? Give Jeremy back his confectionary or he’ll throw all his toys out of the pram and there will be no one left to fix things.


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