Russia Suspends John Lewis Xmas Ad

I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t seen the advertisement in question as of yet. I do pay enough attention to social media and whatnot to know bits and pieces that may or may not feature in said televisual spectacle. I’ve also found previous ones stupid enough to have a pretty good idea what my stance would be on it.

For one thing, I’ll said it loudly and angrily as I do every single year, it is November. Christmas is more than a whole entire month away and we really do not need to zip through the rest of the year to get to it. Find other things to look forward to and celebrate over the course of these wintry weeks. Presents and decorations and food of all kinds will be purchased, never fear shops.

It’s hardly as if anyone is ever going to be able to forget that Christmas is coming. Unlike birthdays or pesky anniversaries, everyone else is aware of it and is forced into celebration. Rather than something altogether more nebulous than Valentine’s Day, it’s a lot harder to avoid. Why do major corporations insist on frittering away quite so much money on adverts just to tell us what we already know?

That’s not even to get started on the unavoidable decorations and twinkly lights. Yes, of course I have joy in my heart but it’s insanely difficult to maintain this much of a fever pitch for something that happens with this level of regularity for very nearly two months.

Finally though, someone’s seen my point and decided that something or other really ought to be done about it. I definitely didn’t foresee me being this on board with any of Russia’s actions quite so soon. But now they’ve gone ahead and banned the John Lewis Christmas advert so I have to celebrate their pragmatism just a little.


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