Hacking Conmen Target Diabetes Risk

Vulnerable people are easy targets. They don’t really have their heads in the game, they’re not looking out for snares or loopholes coming up. It’s really far easier to take advantage of people in a tricky situation who just aren’t paying the required level of attention (I’m not sure if you’ve realised this. Perhaps you pride yourself on only stealing from the savvy like an attention span based Robin Hood).

Anyway, a handful of persons managing to strike a strangely appealing balance between slimy and shady have a brand new con on. They hang outside doctor’s surgeries and whatnot waiting for the mark of the day to appear. People who are still reeling from the very fresh diagnosis of diabetes. Maybe they weren’t watching what they ate sufficiently carefully or had been wilfully ignoring the symptoms for quite some time. Of course they might have done every single little thing right and wound up diseased because life isn’t fair.

However they got to that point, the newly diagnosed are fragile. Primed and ready to be milked like the cash cows they have become (sorry, was that a slightly too graphic image for your delicate sensibilities?). The con itself doesn’t really matter. Maybe they’re selling something that’s more than a little questionable. They could be angling for a shedload of personal information in order to get their greasy mitts on your identity. I’m not a conniving person, I can’t possibly anticipate what they’ve got going on.

Given that they’re hackers though, perhaps you should keep an eye on the inordinate amount of technical hardware that you insist keeping about your person. And your mobile telephonic device. So whenever you’ve been told that you have, might have or could potentially one day in the future develop diabetes, have your wits about you as this is clearly when you’ve been determined to be most at risk.


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