Police Want Powers To Rocket

What with Facebook and CCTV being a police officer is dead boring in this day and age. Everyone reports on each other and absolutely no crimes go unnoticed. I’m telling you, it’s basically the utopian vision dreamt up by George Orwell in that famous novel I can’t quite remember at this particular moment in time.

When little boys and girls dream of being in the constabulary they imagine daring car chases or foiling jewellery heists left, right and centre. Probably. I wouldn’t really know, I was going to be an astronaut ballerina or something of that description. Anyway, one of the biggest cons about growing older and up is that you find your dreams don’t quite come true. You might actually become a police person but you find that it’s a much more admin focused role than you had previously anticipated.

So it’s hardly all that much of a surprise that the police have decided to try and sex up their role in society just a little bit. Imagine, if the criminal element had actual magical powers then the kudos that would be due for catching them would be that little bit more fulsome. You’d be allowed to put the sirens on full whack if you were in pursuit of an airborne thief coursing down the motorway. Or if they could get animals to do their bidding it would make stake outs a lot more like nature documentaries and you know how crazy the police go over those.

It’s not just the police, look at the indomitable rise of the superhero film in recent years. Everyone wants to be specials and mythical powers are a sure fire way to become so. If it takes the police making supervillains out of the regular kind for a hero to come and save us shouldn’t we go with it. We seriously need some saving after all.


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