Family Revolt Could Empty Bank Accounts

The people that you’re closest to often end up presenting themselves as the very bitterest of enemies. I’m not talking from experience or anything (I’m certainly not aware of any unexpected family feuds that have popped up in the last couple of months or so if that’s what you’re thinking). I suppose everything feels ever so slightly more personal once your relatives get involved.

If you get into some variety of argy bargy with a random stranger on the streets then the odds are highly in your favour that they won’t have much in the way to hurt you in the way of follow through. It takes a very high indeed level of determination to track you down and steal your identity on purpose (rather than anything too close to the vicinity of choosing someone silly enough to expose those details. When there’s a target in mind, things get that little bit more dicey).

Whereas people who happen to inhabit your inner circle are more likely to be privy to salient information such as the name of your first pet or your mother’s maiden name (if they happen to be your mother then there’s no excuse for them not knowing this particular tidbit). So once you’ve manage to tick off someone you share blood with and you know they’re of an especially vengeful bent of mind you may suddenly need to watch your back.

This happened to a friend of mine. They quarrelled with close relatives. People took sides. Then a very computer savvy friend stuck their oar in and my friend found themselves suddenly destitute. When things reach this bleak stage of the state of play it would seem that an apology might be in order. Even if you were in the right and they’ve been monstrously sneaky. The bank accounts are the beginning. Just think what they might do to your old school reports.


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