Cameron Faces Pressure to Save Our Children

Weary is the head that wears the crown. Or some phrase of that sort of ilk. I’m not sure I’m ever heard the saying completed although now I come to think about it I think it may have had something or other more to do with uneasiness. Anyway, we’ve all heard sob stories of precisely how difficult and draining it is to be a high powered CEO or person in charge of many things.

So I think we can all pause for a moment of sombre reflection about how badly we all feel for David Cameron. The guy is constantly beset by people who expect him to do so very many things and he doesn’t even get a shiny hat out of the equation. It’s almost as if becoming prime minister is a thankless chore and only worth doing because of the fees you can charge for after dinner speeches once you’ve left office.

Anyway, things are coming for our children. Not mine because they don’t exist yet but we can’t all exploit that particular loophole forever. Predators, crippling deficits in knowledge and rampaging diets flooded with wayward calories and Trans fats are all out to get our eminently vulnerable progeny. The truly terrifying thing is that nothing you do will be anything like enough to yank them out of harm’s way.

But David Cameron the crusader with no cape, the hero with a conservative attitude, must be compelled to rescue them from the dangers they’re faced with. Concerned parents from far and wide are beginning to accost him in the street in order to make sure he’s paying attention to their numerous worries. They’re ganging up on the poor man, he’ll soon be afraid to step out of doors as he knows full well he’ll be besieged in moments. Perhaps he should just get off his arse and save the children then. Won’t someone please think of the children.


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