Anti-radicalism Drive Doubles Rate of Success

The British are a far more obliging people than you might have previously imagined. Should you decide to introduce a much needed dose of straight talking into a speech delivered to them then they’ll go along with what you have to say surprisingly readily. It goes back to our roots when we evolved down from the original sheepish inhabitants of this verdant land of Eng.

That’s right, we didn’t in fact descend from monkeys. None of the human race did. It just so happens that many species coincidentally developed into strikingly similar creatures that invented a common language. Humans didn’t actually all come out of Africa so a small subset of them never colonised the northern reaches of the globe. This tiny island is our and always has been no matter what you might read in any so called history books.

But I digress. We have to protect the good old fashioned values everyone harks back to from around about the fifties. Or so I’ve heard somewhere or other. People are terrified of imports from far off lands which more than explains the watered down version that propagate over here such as the chicken tikka masala. The most frightening thing of all of course is radicalism. We must not have it over here, it must be an evil foreign invention.

So for all the propaganda and fearmongering was entirely unnecessary. All that needs to happen is for politicians to skip out all the rhetoric and downright bull. When the stark truth is explained in terms that everyone can understand we’ll go along with whatever we’re told needs to happen. This has been thoroughly exemplified by the anti-radicalism drive that has produced completely excellent results. It’s a brave new world we’re stepping into and absolutely no one needs to be afraid. Take my word for it, why would I lie?


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