HRT is not a China Cyberattack

Conspiracy theories these days. I tell you, it all used to be a lot simpler when people were merely claiming that the government didn’t go where they said they did and that aliens were doing all manner of uncomfortable things to their bottoms. However, in the age of the internet and ringtones and whatnot, matters have advanced in something of a worrying fashion.

Because their insane theories get to travel that little bit further into the ether of the consciousness of others, people can have more of an effect than they used to by quite some way. People have renounced vaccines because celebrities scared them into it and no one really knows to whom they can turn any more for trustworthy reassurance (I mean, obviously if most of the folk in white coats agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the life changing miracle cure that is the vaccination you can probably go with it as something reliable).

It really is getting even more worrisome. I was trawling a particular conspiracy website (because I like feeling superior to whack jobs I’ll never actually have to meet, is that really such a crime?) and discussed an especially troubling kernel of misinformation. If, for whatever reason, you are subjected to hormone replacement treatment then you’ll actually find that sub-microscopic nano-robots have been introduced into your system while you were none the wiser.

They sit there in your circulatory system, awaiting the initialisation signal. At this point the teeny tiny robots can swim all the way up to your brain and hijack the optic nerve. They witness you logging into your various accounts and sensitive information and transmit it all the way back to their nefarious paymasters. Obviously this is all mounting to the building of a widespread net of blackmail and identity stealing. Hackers get scarily inventive when they’re bored and start challenging one another to increasingly ambitious dares. It’s not true though, obviously. Although, if I was in on it that’s precisely what I’d say in order to get you off the scent…


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