Corbyn May Commit to False Memory

When your memory starts lying to you it can represent something of a red flag. How do you keep making your way through your days when you’re not sure you can trust what you remember? It’s basically the worst thing ever, like forgetting what you came into a particular room for throughout the rest of your life. Or it’s a complete release from all responsibility.

Think about it, all you have to do is flit your way from situation to event. You don’t have to worry about repeating yourself. If you can’t remember what went before then you can live the best day of your life over and over. Probably, here’s hoping that’s precisely what dementia’s like. Anyway, there is some sort of point to this preamble, I promise.

Sometimes it’s not about the fact that your memory gone on the fritz. Perhaps the people in your life are telling porkies as to what actually went down. Jeremy Corbyn is very sure he didn’t do a particular thing. It’s not something I’m at liberty to divulge just at the moment. Certainly not because I’ve made up the very beginning of this story and have little to no follow through right now. There’s absolutely a killer story in the works here that I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine just at this moment in time. Make it something good.

Poor little flower of gentility that Jeremy Corbyn is, he decided not to commit to what he thought happened. Rather than follow through with the convictions of certainty rattling around inside his own skull he opted to trust those around him. Corbyn may and indeed is in fact committing to the false memory they’ve planted. I think you’ll find that what really happened was the first step on the long road to destruction and futures akin to those of the Hunger Games. Look forward to it.


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