Millions Hit By Private Jets

The things that rich people resort to when they’re bored. They could attempt to find a way to distribute their wealth in a fashion that will still leave them stonkingly well off while alleviating some of the abject poverty around them. Or if that’s not quite glamorous enough they could funnel some funds into curing cancer or some other sexy research effort. Perhaps the invention of exciting new products might take their fancy and the glory of their name can go down in history.

But no. What on earth could possibly be the point in achieving something admirable or memorable if you weren’t having all that much fun at the time? Once you’ve accumulated a sufficient degree of wealth in order to ensure that you never have to work again the goal has to shift towards keeping things interesting for yourself.

This is essentially how sports like polo and the like came about. However, owning a horse isn’t that much of a status symbol in the grand scheme of things any more (if indeed it ever was). You could have a fleet of gold plated horses munching on caviar (yep, they eat that. They simply don’t tend to get the chance all that often) and barely need to break the bank. It’s not enough of an accomplishment any more. In this fast paced and shiny modern world, we really ought to be setting our sights a little higher.

Private jets on the other hand, much more interesting and worthwhile. They smack of money and the taste of one who knows what to do with it. However, people are now finding that their private jet collections are stacking up somewhat. So the latest craze was born. People are flying about with reckless abandon and collecting ten points for every person they hit but don’t permanently damage. It’s even worse than it sounds.


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