Facebook Insult By Corbyn’s Far-left Allies

Facebook is an appalling blight afflicting this planet and addling the brains of formerly good people. It is a disease that must be eradicated because of feelings or plot or whatever. Is that what they meant by Facebook insult? Or perhaps someone had the nerve to admit that it’s an ever so slight waste of time and excessive frippery that should be done away with for the good of mankind.

I mean really, we’ve got newspapers to announce if you’ve been wed, dead or have bred (big parties that feature white dresses and people I don’t really know popping out brand new sproglets have already become unsettlingly common occurrences on my feed. I didn’t think this was supposed to happen until I was a little bit more dried up. It has begun). That’s the only news anyone is especially interested in. Come on, are you really all that fussed to discover that someone’s had an especially delicious sandwich or relocated for the job of their dreams? Exactly, you couldn’t care less.

Of course there is undoubtedly a third way to go. Perhaps what really occurred is that Corbyn’s incredibly to the left mates commandeered his account in order to sow mischief and took things just an acre or two far too far. It’s absurdly easy to get carried away with this sort of nonsense and people aren’t always particularly ready to belief that it wasn’t really you saying all those awful things.

Peek behind curtain one, two or three and you’ll discover the truth behind what the social media shenanigans that actually went down not so very long ago. But does that really and truly matter? What people want in this day and age is salt of the earth dirt. That’s why I’m spreading the delicious rumour that Jeremy Corbyn started spewing filth from a fake account posing as his own allies and is now hotly denying the whole thing.


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