Out of Hours Blindness Found

Working a full day can be tiring. Maybe you adore your job and can’t wait to get into the office all day every day. If that’s the case then I’d love to know what it is you do (for entirely benevolent reasons that definitely don’t involve snaffling your current role). For the rest of us though it can be a little tricky hauling ourselves out of bed and stumbling to the workplace.

Then when you find yourself going beyond the call of duty and staying late for whatever reason you can become a little miffed. A red mist may descend or otherwise a sleepy fug may compel your eyelids to remain resolutely shut. This can cause further problems to occur. More and more cases of out of hours blindness are being reported.

This is a totally legitimate condition that requires your full attention and sympathy right now. If people are being blinded by their sheer dedication to the job then steps have to be taken. Make offices fully functional for the blind, install compulsory braille reading courses and provide everyone with a white stick. You can’t afford to lose the people doing their overtime so you might as well make sure that they don’t have any excuses whatsoever for a sudden drop in productivity.

Out of hours blindness is a brand spanking new sign the body exhibits when it wants you to slow down. Now that the old signs of heart attacks and the like are being ignored or, worse yet, treated with science and medicine, nature has to become ever so slightly more inventive in order to grab our attention. Heaven forfend that you actually leave your desk behind for the evening and spend some quality time with the special someone you haven’t had the chance to meet thanks to being a raging workaholic.


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