Lobbyists Buried Migrant Crisis

There are issues in this modern day and age that one simply does not talk about. Taboo topics are wide ranging and far reaching. It’s definitely not just about the war anymore. One of these little discussed subjects is that of migration. People are, and have always been, supposed to remain within a ten mile radius of the site of their birth. No matter how many genocidal atrocities are going down or how many attractive people are beckoning to you from the greener side of the boundary fence.

Lobbyists have taken it upon themselves to make sure we’re talking about the correct matters. They’re being paid to make sure that unsavoury portions of conversation never see the light of day. Depending on who it is currently lining their pockets they could well be promoting various titans of industry (I’ve seen Veep therefore I know everything about how this sort of thing works).

So, in spite of the fact that people are getting really rather het up over the fact that strangers are coming over here and drinking our water and daring to breathe our air or whatever, it’s definitely not being talked about to the extent that one might expect. By rights it should be splashed all over the papers and brought into arguments during many a pub visit.

However, it’s only brought up in frightened whispers because the huddled masses are terrified of the wrath of the lobbyists. Quite why they’ve got their knickers in a twist over this particular circumstance we’ll never manage to be entirely sure. What’s rather more certain is that they’ll move onto some other aspect of modern life and do their worst to ensure that no one messes with it. Frankly, I’d love to see what they can do with grammar and the redundant apostrophe’s that people feel compelled to insert rather than disagree with their spell checker.


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