Dementia Crisis to Win Power in Greece Again

Plenty of people are highly interested in precisely which factors will render them susceptible to dementia. It’s got to be more than the ravages of time. Probably. What was my point again? Anyway, it would seem that we should all be very afraid as the onslaught of dementia appears to be picking up its pace and engulfing personalities whole long before we had previously expected.

No longer can we merely sit idly by and wait for old age to take us. If you start wandering into rooms and for the life of you being unable to remember what you came in for you might as well give up now. Or actually just keep going with your life because very few people are blessed (or cursed depending on your particular perspective) with infallible memories.

Anyway, it just so happens that Greece in is especial trouble when it comes to this particular topic. In every other walk of life everything’s simply peachy. Yes it is. A stunningly high number of people are finding themselves stricken with dementia. At least that’s what the scribbled note on the back of their hands say.

The dementia crisis and reached such a fraught peak that I’m betting most of you will be unable to remember what happened last time it took hold in Greece. There was excessive dithering, everyone’s name was on the tip of everyone else’s tongues but nobody could quite get it together to recall them and a huge excess of crockery was purchased without realising that they hadn’t got around to smashing the last lot.

Maybe it’s time for Greece to throw in the towel just a little. If they sign responsibility over to someone slightly more on the ball. Then they can sit back and relax in the full knowledge that they don’t have to make any of those pesky decisions any more rather than getting all anxious.


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