Millions More to Flee Archbishop

Dictators really don’t think through their names any more. These days it’s all about using the name you were born with as that’s how they were known as they got into politics or whatever. Somehow if you walk in the day after you’ve emerged victorious in a glorious election and start insisting that people call you The Enforcer people are going to get suspicious.

It really is quite a lot harder in this modern age of social media and whatnot to develop an air of mystery. You can’t piece together intricate plots to take over the world from your secret lair and then emerge as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage. Villains of that calibre don’t tend to appear anywhere outside of fiction. I may be one of few who hankers after the idea of real life versions of Bond movie antagonists.

Of course there’s really rather a lot of pressure. In films and such there are teams of writers dedicated to inventing the very best moniker possible. When you’re left to your own devices there’s every chance you’ll take a wrong turn in your decision making process and end up asking people to refer to you as Captain Makesthingsawesome. And that really doesn’t roll off the tongue too easily.

One man you might want to take pointers from in this particular arena is The Archbishop. While it might not sound overly threatening in the first instance you get the feeling he can wield the wrath of God if you get on his wrong side. It lends him an aura of natural authority that makes the atrocities he’s perpetrating that little bit more awful (what with the slaughter and mayhem they’d probably seem pretty bad anyway but the name doesn’t help matters one bit). Then again, it means that no one else can use the title which Christianity in general isn’t overly thrilled by.


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