Cameron’s U-turn on Diabetes

We are all entitled to change our opinions every once in a while. Sometimes it’s for an entirely understandable reason like being presented with new evidence that contrasts with your previous world view. Occasionally someone is able to talk you around with their sheer persuasiveness and slipping some alcohol into your soft drink. There are of course isolated instances when it’s simply because you feel the need to shake things up ever so slightly.

Who knows what it is that’s caused the Prime Minister to think differently? The most important thing is that he’s completely switched stances on diabetes. Previously it was a modern plague, brought about by indolence and appalling nutrition, a drain on the noble NHS that’s been struggling to get by. He thought that private diabetes clinics where overpaid consultants shouted at your pancreas until it began to cooperate were a simply stupendous idea.

However, now he’s on board with diabetes having its way in the modern age. People should be allowed to suck down just as much sugar as they can cram in their gullets. So what if people’s feet start dropping off due to symptoms (I swear I used to know how that sort of thing panned out but I’d definitely have to resort to Wikipedia to have any sort of authority on this particular topic nowadays)? That’s what’s known as freedom of diet or whatever.

David is now a fully paid up member of the Diabetes Appreciation Society. How can we ever really know what is going on in anyone else’s head? What can we do to guess their true motivations for shifts in policy? Now this might be overwhelmingly cynical of me (I know this is a radical difference to my usually sunny disposition but even I have the odd off day) but I think that money may be involved somehow somewhere. Might be completely off base but there you go.


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