GM Embryos in Fizzy Drinks

We really do need to figure out a better way of disposing of sensitive laboratory materials. I bet you thought that the bubbles in your fizzy drinks had something or other to do with the process of carbonation. Well they totally do but it’s always fun to try and mess with people’s heads. It may even give you reason to pause and contemplate the next time you reach for a sip of Fanta. Probably not though.

It’s more of an isolated incident than I may have initially led you to believe. A certain group of scientists were up to no good. They weren’t quite at the level of making trouble in the neighbourhood but they were very much on the cusp. It’s sometimes hard to see the line between good and evil when you’re steeped in the overpowering clasp of discovery.

You can see how they crossed several ethical lines without even the merest glance back. They began tweaking about with DNA, trying to eradicate diseases and make prettier babies. Sure, they’re adorable once you’ve wiped off the natal goo and they’ve have time to de-wrinkle. But what if you could get one that was simply gorgeous from the moment they were fired out the womb? That would definitely not be a waste of anyone’s time or effort.

Anyway, someone somewhere was threatening to come and audit or whatever. Scientists started to straight up panic. The outsiders would never understand. They had to get rid of the incriminating embryos. It’s fine, it would be as if they had never been and the scientists could demonstrate that they’d only been experimenting with knitting patterns.

That’s how the pre-babies ended up in the water supply. Honest. The sheer power of their potential lives turned the water fizzy and became the basis for a popular soft drink for a country I’m not at liberty to divulge. There is no going back, such is the nature of progress.


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