Cheapest Tickets: the Terrifying Truth

As a regular rail commuter I can affirm, just in case you were wondering, that ticket prices in this country are ridiculous. With workers striking seemingly every other week it’s directing everyone’s attention to the faintly unacceptable state of the rail network in this country.

For the price you pay it wouldn’t seem too tall an order for the trains to be on time and not completely packed out with other people. All I want is a comfortable carriage to myself where I can nap as we sail past the office. But we rarely seem to get what we want in life now do we?

But the controllers at the top of the chain of command have actually seemed to listen to the rumbling chorus of dissent. They’re readying themselves to roll out a raft of far more reasonable fares. Obviously all we can do right now is wait for the other shoe to drop because this sort of thing doesn’t happen without ugly consequences coming around to kick us where the sun doesn’t shine.

So if you haven’t quite got your wherewithal together in order to be in a position to book your journey a year in advance fear not. You can get the super saver ticket and be invited to perch on the roof of the carriage. For an additional fee you’ll be supplied with a rope or bungee cord to lash yourself to the surface. This is merely a simple and cost effective way to increase capacity. And imagine how refreshing your commute will become.

Don’t you go worrying your little head about it, they’ve got loads more ideas. You can earn happy train credits by picking up rubbish and telling people off for putting their feet up on the seats. Become a quiet carriage policer and you’ll be allowed to ride the rails for free.


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