Face of a Hero Crashes Into Weekend Traffic

It’s highly irritating when the very best of intentions go hopelessly awry. You throw a parade to celebrate the fact that someone did something incredibly wonderful and brave (it’s probably not the greatest sign that I cannot for the life of me recall the Herculean feats accomplished but whatever, the party is all that really matters at this point) and it all goes to absolute pot.

It was a truly epic shindig, the effort that went into it was actually quite impressive. There was jelly and ice cream to keep the children happy which was thoughtful. And the music was pretty much rocking (awful as I may be making it sound it was actually so much more exciting than you could ever imagine).

What was perhaps ever so slightly more ill advised was the display of balloons. We’re talking about the simply massive kind. Someone thought it would be sweet and moving for them to emblazon one of the monstrosities with the face of the man who had previously saved the day. Which then ruined the day. By taking a nosedive into very busy weekend traffic.

So carnage, people sobbing to the skies about the injustice of what occurred. The man in question was really far from impressed. I’m pretty sure that’s what those anguished howls meant. It was actually relatively unfortunate that his grandmother happened to be ensconced in one of those vehicles. And she was so proud to see her boy do so well.

Of course it’s situations like these that give others the chance to rise to the occasion. Disasters are the natural birthing agent for heroes to arise. Or something. So next weekend we can have another ticker tape parade to celebrate the man of this particular moment. And thus the vicious cycle propagates itself. I’m not sure whether this should make us all that little bit happier or sadder.


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