Top Military Commander Sings His Heart Out for Cilla

Why are celebrities the only ones who get to publicly air their grief? Sure, Cliff might have an objectively better voice and be more well-known but that doesn’t automatically necessitate top billing. If you’re feeling something then it’s absolutely and totally valid. No matter what anyone else might think about your messy display of emotion.

This is precisely what caused a top dog of the military to throw all manner of caution and professionality to the wind. If he wanted to throw on some spangles and sing his heart out to the queen of Saturday night dating programming then what right have we to stop him? Sure, it provided his subordinates with enough teasing fodder to last him the rest of his career but the freedom was worth every last snide comment and guffaw.

After all, if we were just a little more forthright in what we were feeling then wouldn’t society be that tiny iota more wonderful? Sure, we wouldn’t be British any more but aren’t you starting to get the sensation that this might not be such a terrible thing. We’ve seen the rise of UKIP and the general distaste of immigrants who are crazy enough to reckon that they might be better off here.

I’m quite sure that I originally had some sort of point. An army bigwig wanted to do some karaoke in the name of Cilla Black and it’s quite a shame that he wasn’t allowed to at the funeral. He might not have strings of records to his name but he’s very well meaning and has a simply lovely baritone.

When did it become a thing to turn funerals into showbiz extravaganzas? The time when you start getting hot and bothered over who’s got top billing is precisely when it stops being about whoever’s in the coffin. I’m not sure why I’m waxing disapproval over this though, it’s not like I paid any attention. Rest in peace and that.


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